How to Apply

Requirements: All people with a neurological injury, disorder or disease may apply. Complete the on-line application or mail in a printed copy to the Plus One Foundation before the deadline to be considered for that round of grants. A Diagnosis Form signed by a physician is required. The ONE Grant is designed for opportunities of less than $1,000. Individuals may only receive this grant once. However, they may continue to apply for Occasions Grants.

New Applicants

Step 1: Complete the diagnosis form.

Step 2: Click here for online application.


2018 Deadlines for ONE Grant:
Apply by: February 28         Grant Status Notification: March 31
Apply by: May 31                Grant Status Notification: June 30   
Apply by: August 31            Grant Status Notification: September 31  
Apply by: November 20      Grant Status Notification: December 31

Through the ONE Grant, the Plus One Foundation funds significantly life-changing opportunities for people with neurological conditions. This funding offers a unique chance to fulfill a dream that expands the experience of living.

The goal of this grant is to not only improve one individual's life but also to witness the 'ripple effect' of one person's positive experience on their family, friends, and community.