Highlighting a client's success

Our client James is so excited to be able to stand again. We were recently sent these photos of him standing and we wanted to be able to share this awesome moment with everyone! Our clients inspire us every day and we love highlighting their success stories!


Check out our incredible video highlighting Plus One and our wonderful clients! 

Our Mission: 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), neurological disorders, ranging from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s disease, Traumatic Brain Injury to Multiple Sclerosis, affect up to one billion people worldwide. They affect people in all countries, irrespective of age, sex, education or income. More than 500 different conditions are considered neurological disorders. We have a lot of work to do.

The Plus One Foundation assists children and adults with a neurological injury, disorder, or disease to achieve goals, expand opportunities and ‘feed the soul’ through activities that offer education, rehabilitation and training.

We fund classes, workshops and life experiences that are proven to assist individuals on their path of rehabilitation and recovery, but are rarely covered by insurance, such as; art and music therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, integrated movement therapy, martial arts, meditation, yoga, and aquatic therapies.


Plus One provides grants to children and adults with neurological diseases and disorders.


Usually this means individuals, but sometimes our grants can help whole families. Summer's a time when kids are out of school and at home with their family, and we wanted to highlight a family that you've helped with your donations.

Cara and Matt both are parents to three young children. They also live with MS. We were able to provide a grant to get Cara and Matt a membership to the YMCA. With this membership, not only can Cara and Matt focus on their own health and wellness, they can also set a great example for their children.

Please consider making a donation today so we can help more individuals and families like Cara and Matt.

   Since our start in April, 2011 you have helped Plus One Foundation provide grants for:


    More than 540 months of access to aquatic therapy

    Over 180 therapeutic horseback riding lessons

    More than 100 months of yoga/pilates therapy

    Over 130 art therapy classes

    36 martial arts classes

    Free workshops - Art, MELT Method, Pilates, & Zumba

    In May 2016 - Plus One Foundation was chosen from more than 180 providers to be the National MS Society’s 'Nationwide Service Provider of the Monthfor May 2016. 



    Ava Spier

    Ava is nine years old and has both vision and hearing loss. This has lead to motor, speech, and cognitive delays. However, with your help, Plus One Foundation has been able to provide Ava with a grant to participate in hippotherapy - therapeutic horseback riding. This is an activity that builds new neural pathways and is also something that Ava really enjoys! Ava gets to spend a couple hours a week working on skills that will help her make friends and perform everyday activities, all while spending time with horses - one of her favorite animals!

    Thank you for your support. It helps us help people like Ava every day.
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