"I believe that living life to the fullest makes life worth living. I graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Sociology through the American Humanics Program (the study of non-profit management) and a Minor in Leadership. Two years later I graduated from the University of Washington's Fundraising Management Program. My community outreach includes serving on the Board of Directors for area non-profits. My careers have included Corporate Fundraising and Marketing for non-profits. I know firsthand how life can change in an instant. In 2001, I had a traumatic brain injury from a fall. The moment of that injury and its long term effects have changed my life forever. I have had to re-learn to breathe, talk, and walk. The kindness and generosity from others is what has given me the strength and ability to not only survive, but to live. I am making it my life's mission to provide enriching opportunities to everyone, regardless of their limitations. Each person should have the opportunity to see, feel, and enjoy all of life's experiences. There may be changes, but the world is still filled with possibilities. I, as just one, will encourage all to participate and be Plus One!"