Why make a Ripple when you could make a Wave?
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At Plus One we are always trying to make ripples in the Neurological community. Plus One means volunteering for 1 event, telling 1 person about our organization, helping 1 person fill out their grant application, or donating 1 more dollar. All of these actions may seem small, but they impact the lives of children and adults with neurological disorders in very meaningful ways. Now you can turn your ripple into a wave. Become a monthly donor and join our Wave Program.

Give monthly to inspire hope and bring joy to children and adults with neurological disorders. Neurological disorders affect up to one billion people worldwide. They affect people in all countries - irrespective of age, sex, education or income.  Plus One is the only organization that provides grants to both children and adults with any neurological condition, we've got a lot of people to help so let's make waves!

So won't you become a Wave Partner and make a bigger difference today? 

These are suggested levels. You can donate any amount of your choosing! Monthly donations made through Workplace Giving Programs also qualify you for the Wave Program and are great way to increase the value of your monthly donation.

Want to choose your own amount? Use this button and make sure to check the box that says, "Make This Recurring (Monthly)"


What Your Monthly Gift Can Do in One Year?

$11 – 6 Weeks of Music Therapy

$21 – 15 Sessions of Art Therapy

$41 – 10 months of Aquatic Therapy

$81 – 3 Months Children’s Therapeutic Educational Program

$101 – 7 Therapeutic Horseback Riding Sessions

Your recurring online donation is secure and flexible. You choose the amount you wish to give each month and you can change, or cancel, your pledge at any time. Sign up now and make your first donation by credit card online.
Questions? Concerns? Email us at connect@plusonefoundation.org

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