Below are links to articles, books, blogs and other media that we have found to be important as related to those who are living with neurological disorders.


'Assisted Living Options for People with Disabilities' - Assisted Living

'Train Your Brain With Exercise' - WebMD Feature by Jean Lawrence

'Brain Health: Tips for People with Alzheimer's' -

'Your Brain, Just Brighter' - Franklin Institute

'Complementary and Alternative Parkinson's Treatments' -

'Cerebral Palsy Patients Benefiting from Aquatic Therapy' -

'Making Art Therapy' - American Academy of Neurology' -

'Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body' - NY Times, 2/1/12

'Playing Music Protects Memory, Hearing, Brain Processing' - ABC News, 2/1/12

'Lifelong Learning: Times Ideas and Resources for Keeping Your Brain Sharp - NY Times, 1/23/12

'Eat to Build A Better Brain' - Psychology Today, 11/23/11

'The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Healthier - Huffington Post, 11/4/11

'Chocolate: Good for Your Heart and Your Brain - FOX News, 10/11/11

'Meditation with Neurological Disorders' -, 9/2/11

'Why Music Is Good for Your Brain' -, 6/29/11

'Yoga for Movement Disorders' -, 5/9/11

'Duerson's Case Highlights the Limits of the NFL's Disability Plan', NY Times, 5/4/11

'Music Therapy That Quiets Tinnitus',, 3/10/11

'Yoga for Cerebral Palsy' -, 1/27/11

'Shot in the Head, but Getting Back on His Feet and on With His Life', NY Times, 1/23/11

'Inspired by Father, Nantz Takes Role in Alzheimer's Research' - NY Times, 1/20/11

'Mindfulness Meditation Training Changes Brain Structure in Eight Weeks' - ScienceDaily, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1/21/11

'Head Trauma is Not a Death Sentence' - LA Times, 1/8/11

'Concussions in NFL up 21 Percent from 2009 Season' - Huffington Post, 12/13/10

'Study Says Brain Trauma Can Mimic A.L.S' -NY Times, 8/18/10

'Learning His Body, Learning to Dance' - NY Times, 11/24/09

'How Music Can Reach the Silenced Brain' -, 5/20/09

'Dancing: Good for Hearts and Minds' - CBS News, 2/11/09

'Cycling Therapy Helps Paralyzed' - CBS News, 2/11/09

'Music as Medicine for the Brain' - US News, 7/17/08

'Exercise: Parkinson's Patients Benefit From Tango', NY Times, 2/12/08

'Yoga Helps Car Crash Victim with Chronic Pain' - NY Times, 5/10/07

'For a Healthy Brain in Old Age, Start Early' - NPR, 1/4/07

"Neurological disorders affect millions globally: WHO report" - 2006